GM Supply Company, Inc.

"Exceeding Customer Expectations"


Corporate Office &

Main Distribution Center

6900 East 30th Street

Indianapolis, IN  46219

(317) 898-3510


Southern Region Warehouse

646 James Record Road

Huntsville AL  35824


Northern Region Warehouse

1945 Cornell Avenue

Melrose Park, IL  60160

ISO 9001:2000
Registered Text Box: Mission Statement

GM Supply Company is in the business of manufacturing one product.  We design, implement and monitor the quality process and procedures for the number one product we take to market:

Customer Service.




To be competitive in the market delivering the maximum “Total Value”.


To provide quality service and responsiveness without compromise.


“To Exceed Customer Expectations”


GM Supply Company is dedicated to providing dependable quality products and services on time at competitive prices.





Quality is meeting our customer's expectations.  Our practice will be to meet or exceed those expectations.


Our goal is to continuously improve the processes which contribute to our effectiveness, efficiency and productivity in order to deliver quality products and services at competitive prices.  Ultimately the quality of our services lies with each employee.


It is the policy of GM Supply Company to involve the work force in all aspects of issues related to GM Supply business activities.  We strive to stimulate employee's creativity, initiative, and sense of responsibility and to provide an environment which fosters a spirit of "pride in workmanship and teamwork" among employees.


We provide technical and quality awareness training, approved instructions, proper tools, and the necessary management involvement to allow the work force to produce the level of quality our customers expect and deserve.